Insurance Brokerage in Tenerife

At Insurance Brokerage JDD, we are committed to a provide our clients with a personalized attention from our team of professionals. We only work with leading insurers in the sector. Save more money than anyone with your insurance. Our mission is to protect and guarantee the security of our customers. We look after your interests, we take care of you and we will always inform you clearly whenever you need our help, this motto marks our day to day.  We will adjust your coverage to your needs, obtaining the best price on your insurance.

About our Insurance Brokers...

Our team is made up of professionals trained to meet the needs of our clients. Our experience in the insurance sector allows us to choose the best coverage and premiums, at the lowest price.

We have professionals with 25+ years of experience. Our personalized attention and the agility in the processing of policies and claims differentiate us as a brokerage, guaranteeing the tranquility of our policyholders.


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Why should I choose Insurce Brokerage JDD?

We will help you yo save money on your insurance. We will always be there, do not hesitate to call whenever you need anything from us. Our team professionals will be at your disposal. We will be there right beside you in the most difficult times.

Our services

We offer quality service aimed at individuals and companies in Spain. Although, our office is in Tenerife (Las Américas, Arona), we contract policies throughout Spain.


Customer Support

"Trustworthy people with extensive insurance experience especially in home and car insurances".
"Excellent customer service and professionalism. I was looking for a better price on my car and motorbike insurance. Jacobo was able to find the best price for me. My insurance is in the best hands ."

We are an insurance brokerage company located in the south of Tenerife, in Playa de las Américas (Arona). Close to the PapaGayo Beach Club and McDonalds. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m, closing on weekends. If you want more information about us, do not hesitate to call us Tel: 669 475 930